B.Sc. Computer Science (180 ECTS) – Your Path to Tech Excellence with UpGrad

November 4, 2023
B.Sc. Computer Science with UpGrad


Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey into the realm of Computer Science? In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the opportunities offered by a B.Sc. in Computer Science, a program that provides a strong foundation in the field. Join us as we delve into program details, career prospects, frequently asked questions, and more, brought to you by UpGrad Kakkanad.

Unveiling the B.Sc. in Computer Science

B.Sc. in Computer Science is an undergraduate program that lays the foundation for a rewarding career in the world of technology and innovation. With a curriculum designed to equip you with essential skills and knowledge, this program opens doors to a world of possibilities in the field of Computer Science, in collaboration with UpGrad Kakkanad.

Program Overview

The B.Sc. in Computer Science program with 180 ECTS credits offers a comprehensive education in the field. Here are some program highlights

Core Courses

The program covers fundamental computer science subjects, including programming, algorithms, data structures, and computer architecture.

Elective Courses

Tailor your degree to your interests by selecting from a variety of elective courses in areas like artificial intelligence, web development, or cybersecurity, offered in association with UpGrad Kakkanad.

Hands-On Projects

Gain practical experience through coding assignments, software development projects, and internships, with the support of UpGrad Kakkanad.


Work on team projects to develop your teamwork and problem-solving skills, crucial for a successful career in technology, in partnership with UpGrad Kakkanad.

Thesis or Capstone Project

Showcase your knowledge and creativity by completing a thesis or capstone project, guided by the expertise of UpGrad Kakkanad.

Career Prospects

Graduates of a B.Sc. in Computer Science program have access to a wide range of career opportunities, including:

Software Developer

Create and maintain software applications and systems. Web Developer: Design and develop websites and web applications. Data Analyst: Analyze and interpret data to provide valuable insights. Cybersecurity Analyst: Protect digital assets and data from cyber threats. Database Administrator: Manage and organize data for efficient retrieval and storage. System Administrator: Maintain and manage computer systems for organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a B.Sc. in Computer Science is an excellent stepping stone for further education, such as a Master's in Computer Science.

Many programs offer internships or co-op opportunities, providing valuable work experience during your studies.

While it's not mandatory, some familiarity with coding concepts can be helpful, especially in more competitive programs.

Admission requirements vary by institution, but most programs require a high school diploma or equivalent and may consider standardized test scores.


B.Sc. in Computer Science with 180 ECTS credits is your gateway to the ever-evolving world of technology. Whether you're passionate about coding, software development, data analysis, or cybersecurity, this program equips you with the knowledge and skills to thrive in the digital age. Start your journey toward a dynamic career in Computer Science by enrolling in this program with UpGrad Kakkanad and unlock a world of opportunities.

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